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Our Campaign

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To achieve the best possible results from the redevelopment project and deliver a Hospital that will be functional well into the future, the Hospital Foundation is embarking on a $4 million community based capital campaign to complement the provincial funding.  

The three major components of the capital campaign include: 

1.       Hospital renovations and equipment replacements focusing on improving access, safety, clinical and operational efficiency.

·    MOHLTC approved renovations to Ambulatory Care, Outpatient Clinics, Oncology, Surgical Suite, Inpatient Services, Pharmacy, and the Medical Instrument Sterilization Department.

·     The community campaign will supplement the government funding by supporting the renovation of a new accessible front entrance, departmental moves, creating new space for Rehabilitation Services and accessible showers for the inpatient unit. 

 2.      Diagnostic Imaging Equipment Replacement

·         Fluoroscopy equipment (X-ray)

·         Digital imaging equipment

·         Portable X-ray equipment

·         Ultrasound Unit

·         Medical gas, accessibility and departmental refurbishment

With digital imaging, reports can be shared with other hospitals cutting costs and time, while providing consistent quality service throughout our collaborative healthcare system.

 3.      Community Health Campus

·      Redevelopment of the former Wingham Public School into a campus of healthcare providers including primary care, family health team and physicians

·   Focus on meeting the needs of an aging population and a changing healthcare system 

By leasing additional space, the community health campus will become a self-sustaining space for serving the long-term goals of the Hospital. 

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