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Municipality of Morris-Turnberry Commits $200,000 to Wingham Hospital Campaign
Municipality of Morris-Turnberry Commits $200,000 to Wingham Hospital Campaign

The council of the Municipality of Morris-Turnberry has approved a donation of $200,000 to the Wingham & District Hospital Foundation’s Our Hospital, Our Future campaign.  The $200,000 is a pledge to be contributed in instalments over the next five years. Residents of Morris-Turnberry are the second most frequent visitors to the Wingham & District Hospital, after residents of North Huron.

The councillors met with representatives from the Hospital campaign fundraising committee on May 2nd to formally present the donation.  Mayor Paul Gowing said, “the Wingham & District Hospital provides vital healthcare services to the residents of Morris-Turnberry and an investment in the Hospital is an investment in the future of our community”.

The support of Morris-Turnberry is a significant component in the anticipated overall success of the Hospital Foundation’s fundraising campaign. Campaign Chair Mark Foxton congratulated the councillors for demonstrating their belief that “a prosperous community includes an up to date Hospital”. 

Thanks to significant donations such as the one by Morris-Turnberry, the Our Hospital, Our Future Campaign has now achieved 50% of its $4 million goal. 

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Mayor Paul Gowing, Deputy Mayor Jamie Heffer, Dorothy Kelly, CAO Nancy Michie, Sharen Zinn, Campaign Chair Mark Foxton, Campaign Municipalities Delegate Bernie Bailey.

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