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The top priorities for 2019-2020 are improvements to the ultrasound department and upgrading one of the most technical pieces of equipment in the Operating Room – a laparoscopic tower. Visit Ongoing Needs for more on the other medical equipment funding requirements.
2019 Equipment Priority:
Laparoscopic Tower for OR

Ongoing Needs
Each and every year the Wingham & District Hospital strives to fund vital medical equipment upgrades to keep our hospital outfitted with the most modern technology and make sure we consistently meet healthcare standards. You donation stays in your community so exceptional care will be there when you need it.

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The Wingham Hospital and its staff were there for me during my cancer diagnosis in 2013. There is nothing more important than hometown healthcare. SCOTT MILLER, WINGHAM
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Huron County IPM Donates $20,000 to Wingham & District Hospital – Oncology Clinic



The Huron County 2017 IPM donated $20,000 to the Wingham & District Hospital for the benefit of the Oncology Department. The Oncology department in Wingham is the only cancer treatment facility in Huron County. The IPM Executive Committee recognizes the value of having this important healthcare service available close to home for all the residence of the county.

IPM Chair Jacquie Bishop said, “We’ve all be touched by cancer in one way or another and we as the Executive heard time and time again from people about the cancer clinic in Wingham so we know the community values it and that it was important for us to support it”.

The donation to the Wingham & District Hospital Oncology Department is one of four significant donations being made by the IPM Committee throughout Huron County to wrap up their committee activities. These donations are being made in hopes that the memories of the 100th International Plowing Match will live on through the good work the funds raised do for the people of Huron County.

Everyone at the Wingham & District Hospital is grateful to the IPM Committee for their generosity. Their gift will help keep the newly renovated and expanded cancer clinic functioning at the highest possible level and deliver quality cancer care close to home for many generations. 

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