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Lab Tech

Current Funding Priority

The top priorities for 2020-2021 are lab equipment and a cautery device for the Operating Room. Visit Ongoing Needs for more on the other medical equipment funding requirements.
2020 Facility Improvement Priority:
Testing Equipment for Lab & Cautery Device for OR

Ongoing Needs
Each and every year the Wingham & District Hospital strives to fund vital medical equipment upgrades to keep our hospital outfitted with the most modern technology and make sure we consistently meet healthcare standards. You donation stays in your community so exceptional care will be there when you need it.

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Send your heartfelt thanks to our caregivers and front line workers. They are working hard to keep us all safe and healthy – today, tomorrow and everyday. 


Your words of gratitude, encouragement and well wishes mean a lot to our caregivers and front line staff. Whether they are putting others first to help us get through the COVID-19 pandemic, offering comfort and care during stressful situations or performing technical healthcare services to keep you and your family healthy all year long, they deserve our thanks and support. 


All messages submitted here will be shared with those working hard to keep our hospital and our patients safe and well cared for.

The Wingham Hospital and its staff were there for me during my cancer diagnosis in 2013. There is nothing more important than hometown healthcare. SCOTT MILLER, WINGHAM
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 $50,000 Donation Honours Healthcare Workers & Supports COVID-19 Response Efforts

Rod and Joanne McDonagh of Lucknow donated $50,000 to the Wingham & District Hospital Foundation to help the Hospital acquire additional medical equipment required to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We were thinking of all the hospital staff when we decided to make this gift,” says McDonagh. “Doctors, nurses, support staff, administrators, maintenance, environmental services. Absolutely everyone”.

The generous donation by the McDonaghs will support the purchase of several new medical infusion pumps. This equipment will help ensure the Hospital continues to provide high quality care to all patients and is able to respond as best as possible to the COVID-19 crisis. The pumps will continue to be of value following the pandemic and will be put to use in alternate departments.

It is important at the best of times that our local caregivers have the equipment and tools needed to care for everyone in our community and these uniquely challenging times make that more true than ever.

Everyone at the Wingham & District Hospital Foundation is deeply grateful for Rod and Joanne McDonagh’s generosity and support. It is one more example of the extraordinary community spirit that has helped us achieve great things in the past and will help us weather this storm.

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